Best Water Tank 1000 Ltr Price

Top Selling 1000 Litre Water Tanks Price List in India

Top 1000-litre water tank options and prices in India

Experience unparalleled reliability in water storage with the Jaliyan Tuffen Antibacterial Heavy-Duty Plastic Water Tank. This tank, designed in a vibrant orange circular shape, is made from Three Layer Heavy Duty LLDPE for long-lasting durability. Using One Piece Rotomolding Technology, this tank ensures its structural integrity. Crafted from 100% Food Grade Antibacterial Plastic and fortified with UV Protection Technology, it guarantees the purity of your water and offers a secure and innovative solution for all your water storage requirements. Key features include an orange color circular shape, Three Layer Heavy Duty LLDPE construction, One Piece Rotomolding Technology, 100% Food Grade Antibacterial Plastic composition, UV Protection Technology integration, and dimensions measuring 106.5 x 106.5 x 122 cm.

Purchase the Jaliyan Tuffen Antibacterial Heavy Duty Plastic Water Tank.

Best 1000 LTR Water Tank Price: Efficacy Supremo Double Layer

Experience the ultimate in water storage excellence with the Efficacy Supremo Double Layer Water Tank. With a generous capacity of 1000 LTR, this tank is built to last using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material for durability. Its sleek black color adds a touch of elegance, while the double-layer construction provides extra strength. Made from certified Food Grade Antibacterial material and designed to resist UV and heat, this tank ensures pure and safe stored water. Upgrade your water storage with the reliable and innovative design of the Efficacy Supremo Double Layer Water Tank. Key features include a two-layer design, high-density polyethylene construction, space-saving design, and dimensions of 109 x 109 x 132 Centimeters.

Purchase the Efficacy Supremo Double Layer Water Tank with a capacity of 1000 liters.

Best 1000 LTR Water Tank Price: Kaveri 3 Layers

Enhance your water storage options with the Kaveri 3 Layers Water Tank, which offers a generous capacity of 1000 LTR. Crafted using three layers of roto-molded plastic, this tank guarantees durability and dependability. Its main focus is on ensuring your well-being, as it has been certified safe for drinking water and includes an antimicrobial layer. With its insect-proof lid and rust-proof, leak-proof construction, this tank is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Enjoy effortless maintenance and peace of mind with Kaveri – your trusted companion for secure and hygienic water storage. Key features include high-quality material, antimicrobial properties, easy cleaning and maintenance, triple-layer design, as well as dimensions measuring 103.8L x 131.3W x 103.8H Centimeters.

Best 1000 Ltr Price for SPAIS Water Tanks

Introducing SPAIS Water Tanks – the ultimate choice for superior water storage. With a sturdy 1000-litre capacity and three layers of food-grade, heat-resistant material, these tanks are built to last. Made from high-quality raw materials, they are unbreakable and feature a heavy-duty design. Experience the convenience of odorless and easy-to-clean plastic that ensures the purity of your stored water. Trust in SPAIS for strength and reliability, offering a seamless and dependable solution for all your water storage needs. Key features include virgin raw material, odor-free plastic, heat resistance, unbreakability, triple-layer construction, and dimensions measuring 100 x 100 x 100 centimeters.

5. Jehovah JIREH Traders Water Tanks

Opt for reliability with Jehovah JIREH Traders Water Tanks, a symbol of excellence in water storage. Our 1000 LTR tanks are meticulously crafted to ensure food-grade safety, protection against bacteria, and resistance to UV rays and heat. Constructed from BPA-free material that is unbreakable, these tanks prioritize both purity and durability. They are easy to clean and designed to withstand the test of time, providing peace of mind for all your water storage requirements. Embrace the guarantee of quality with every drop because when it comes to water, nothing less than excellence will suffice. Key features include virgin raw material composition, odorless plastic construction, UV and heat resistance capabilities, BPA-free certification, effortless cleaning processability as well as an unbreakable triple-layer design. The dimensions measure at 100 x 100 x 100 centimeters

Top 6 Sintex Plastic Water Tank, 1000 Litre Price in India

Enhance your water storage with the Sintex Plastic Water Tank, a renowned brand since 1975. This tank has a capacity of 1000 liters and is known for its cleanliness, affordability, and longevity. Sintex Plastics Division is an industry leader in plastic processing, ensuring top-notch quality. Made from high-quality plastic material, this overhead tank offers reliability and convenience. Opt for Sintex to meet your long-lasting water storage needs – where innovation meets affordability, providing you with peace of mind regarding hydration requirements. Notable features include cost-effectiveness and durability along with easy cleaning and maintenance. The tank is unbreakable and guarantees the highest standards of hygiene as it is antibacterial-treated. Its dimensions are ‎110L x 110W x 125H Centimeters

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Which is the top water tank company in India?

In India, there are several popular brands that offer water tanks with a capacity of 1000 liters. Some of these well-known brands include Sintex, Plasto, Ashirvad, Penguin, and Supreme. These companies have gained popularity for manufacturing high-quality water tanks that are durable and reliable.

Sintex is one such brand known for its wide range of water storage solutions. They offer 1000 liter water tanks at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Their tanks are made from food-grade material which ensures the safety and purity of stored water.

Ashirvad is also a renowned name in the market offering reliable 1000 liter capacity water tanks at affordable prices. Their products come with advanced features like UV resistance and anti-bacterial properties to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of stored water.

Penguin is a brand that focuses on providing cost-effective yet efficient solutions for storing large quantities of water. Their 1000 liter capacity tanks are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting while being budget-friendly at the same time.

Supreme is another popular choice among consumers looking for high-quality 1000 liter capacity water tanks. Known for their innovative designs, Supreme offers various options to suit different requirements while maintaining product reliability.

Overall, these brands mentioned above – Sintex, Plasto, Ashirvad, Penguin, and Supreme – provide customers in India with trustworthy options when it comes to purchasing a 1000-liter capacity water tank at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or durability.

7. Sintex Pure Water Tank 1000-litre (White)

Introducing the Sintex Pure Water Tank – a symbol of purity and innovation. This 1000-litre tank, available in pristine white, is not just a water storage solution; it signifies our commitment to your health. The Sintex Pure tank is specially designed to combat bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring that the water you consume promotes better health. With advanced features, it not only safely stores water but also prevents algae growth, resulting in a 99% reduction in bacteria within the tank. Choose Sintex Pure for water that goes beyond safety – it represents our dedication to your well-being. Key features include affordability, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, unbreakability, highest standards of hygiene, an antibacterial design for the tank itself and dimensions measuring ‎40 x 27 x 15 cm Centimeters.

What is the cost of Sintex 1000 in India?

The Sintex 1000 Litres Triple Layered Storage Water Tank is designed to store water for various purposes such as household use or commercial use. It can hold up to 1000 litres of water, which is quite a large capacity. The triple layer construction ensures that the tank remains strong and resistant to damage over time.

The mentioned price of Rs 8694 per piece indicates the cost of purchasing one unit of this particular water tank. This information may be useful for individuals or businesses who are looking for a reliable and affordable option for storing water in Patiala or nearby areas.

Best 1000 Ltr Water Tank Price: Sintex Titus Triple Layered


– Made from virgin raw material

– 100% UV stabilized

– BPA-free

– Easy to clean

– Unbreakable

– Triple-layer design

– Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 121.9 Centimeters

Leader 1000 liter water tank: Price inquiry

In Canacona, you can find a Leader Black 1000L Plastic 3 Layer Water Tank available for purchase at the price of Rs 6500 per piece. This water tank is designed with three layers to ensure durability and longevity. It has a capacity of 1000 liters, making it suitable for storing a significant amount of water.

The three-layer construction of this tank provides added strength and protection against leaks or damages. The outer layer acts as a shield against UV rays, preventing any potential damage from sunlight exposure. The middle layer adds structural integrity to the tank while the inner layer ensures that stored water remains safe and contamination-free.

Remember to regularly inspect and maintain your plastic water tank by cleaning it thoroughly and checking for any signs of wear or damage. Additionally, make sure to follow proper installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your investment.

By choosing products like the Leader Black 1000L Plastic 3 Layer Water Tank, you take proactive steps towards ensuring adequate access to clean drinking water for yourself and your loved ones even during challenging times.

Top Water Tank 1000 LTR Price: Kaveri 3-Layered Tank

Experience unparalleled dependability with the Kaveri 3 Layers Water Tank – a 1000 LTR solution crafted for utmost safety. Ensuring the protection of your drinking water, it comes equipped with an insect-resistant lid and boasts a construction that is resistant to rust and leaks, making it perfect for both homes and buildings. The sleek black design adds an air of sophistication while the top-notch material guarantees water safety. Maintenance is effortless, ensuring convenience for users. This triple-layered water tank bears the ISO mark, highlighting its quality, and offers an impressive warranty period of 14 years. Opt for Kaveri to enjoy a sturdy, secure, and long-lasting solution for storing water that surpasses expectations. Notable features include high-quality material composition, antimicrobial properties to prevent bacterial growth in stored water, easy maintenance and cleaning procedures,and dimensions measuring ‎105.4L x 105.4W x 135.9H Centimeters

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Tips for selecting a high-quality water tank

Durability is another significant aspect that should not be overlooked while choosing the best water storage tank. Investing in a durable and long-lasting tank ensures that it can withstand various environmental conditions and usage over time. Look for tanks made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or polyethylene, which are known for their strength and resistance against corrosion.

The shape of the water storage tank also plays an important role in its functionality and suitability for different spaces. Tanks come in various shapes like cylindrical, rectangular, or square. Consider the available space where you plan to install the tank and choose a shape that fits well without causing any inconvenience or obstruction.

While color might seem like an aesthetic consideration at first glance when selecting a water storage tank, it serves practical purposes as well. Dark-colored tanks help prevent algae growth by reducing sunlight penetration into the stored water. This helps maintain better quality and reduces maintenance efforts compared to lighter-colored tanks that allow more light transmission.

2) Prioritize durability by opting for tanks made from strong materials resistant to wear and tear.

3) Choose an appropriate shape that fits well within your available space without causing any inconvenience.

4) Consider dark-colored tanks as they aid in preventing algae growth and maintaining good quality stored-water condition over time

10. Ultra SPAIS Water Tanks 5 Layers

Discover the ultimate in water storage innovation with Ultra SPAIS Water Tanks. These tanks are meticulously crafted using advanced technology, featuring five layers for unbeatable reliability. With a capacity of 1000 litres and a vibrant yellow color, these tanks not only serve their purpose but also add visual appeal to your space. Key features include the use of pure virgin raw material for utmost purity, odor-free plastic ensuring cleanliness, and a heavy-duty yet incredibly strong design that guarantees long-lasting durability. Trust in the exceptional quality of Ultra SPAIS Water Tanks – where state-of-the-art technology meets sturdy construction, providing you with a secure and reliable solution for all your water storage requirements. Notable features include virgin raw material composition, 100% UV stabilization to prevent damage from sunlight exposure, an odorless interior ensuring hygienic conditions, triple-layered tank structure for added strength and stability, as well as dimensions measuring ‎100 x 100 x 100 centimeters.

Top 1000 Ltr Water Tank Prices

1. The Efficacy Supremo Double Layer Water Tank with a capacity of 1000 liters.

2. Vectus offers their 1000 liter water tanks.

3. Jaliyan Tuffen presents an antibacterial heavy-duty plastic water tank, holding up to 1000 liters of water.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best 1000-Litre Water Tanks in India

A 1000-liter water tank is a great option for homes as it has a suitable capacity that allows for ample storage without taking up too much space. It caters to the requirements of small to medium-sized households, ensuring a consistent and dependable water supply.

Best Price for 1000 Ltr Water Tanks

Although 1000-litre water tanks are mainly intended for residential use, they can also be suitable for certain commercial or industrial purposes that require moderate water storage. However, if you have larger-scale needs, it is recommended to opt for tanks with a higher capacity.

Top 3 Materials Used in the Construction of 1000-Litre Water Tanks

The best 1000-litre water tanks are typically made from materials like food-grade polyethylene, HDPE, or other strong plastics. These materials offer durability, protection against UV rays, and are often treated to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Best Price for a 1000 Ltr Water Tank

Proper upkeep of the water tank includes regular cleaning to avoid the growth of algae or bacteria. It is important to empty the tank at regular intervals, scrub the inner walls, and rinse it thoroughly. Additionally, inspect for any signs of deterioration or harm and make sure that the lid is tightly sealed to prevent impurities from entering.

Can an above-ground installation be done for a 1000-litre water tank?

Indeed, 1000-litre water tanks can be installed above the ground. Nonetheless, it is essential to provide adequate support and secure anchoring to maintain stability. It is important to adhere to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer as well as local regulations.

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Size of a 1000 Litre Water Tank

1. Sintex Triple Layer Water Tank – This tank is known for its durability and strength. It has three layers that provide extra protection against leakage and damage.

2. Plasto Water Tank – Plasto offers a range of 1000 liter water tanks that are made from food-grade plastic material. These tanks are UV stabilized and resistant to corrosion.

4. Vectus Water Tank – Vectus manufactures durable and long-lasting water tanks with capacities ranging from 200 liters to 20000 liters. Their 1000 liter tank is popular among homeowners due to its reliability.

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5. Supreme Water Tank – Supreme Industries provides an extensive range of water storage solutions, including their 1000 liter tank which is made from virgin polyethylene material for enhanced hygiene standards.

White or black water tank: which is superior?

Black water tanks have a dark color that inhibits sunlight penetration into the tank. This lack of light prevents photosynthesis and thus reduces algal growth significantly. However, due to their dark color absorbing more heat from sunlight, these tanks can lead to warmer water temperatures over time. This may be beneficial in colder climates or during winter months when maintaining warm water is desired.

White water tanks provide excellent visibility inside the tank for easy inspection and monitoring of the stored water. The lighter color allows natural light to pass through, making it easier to detect any impurities or sediment buildup within the tank. Additionally, white tanks reflect more sunlight compared to black ones, resulting in lower internal temperatures. This makes them ideal for regions with hot climates where keeping the stored water cool is important.

What is the optimal color for a water tank?

Water tanks are essential for storing water in homes, buildings, and other establishments. When choosing a water tank, it is important to consider factors such as size, material, and price. One of the popular sizes available in the market is the 1000-liter water tank.

The price of a 1000-liter water tank can vary depending on various factors like brand, quality, and additional features. It is advisable to compare prices from different sellers or manufacturers before making a purchase decision. This will help you get the best deal within your budget.

When it comes to color options for 1000-liter water tanks, lighter shades like beige or light green have been found to be more durable compared to darker colors like dark green, black or blue. This is particularly important if you plan on placing your water tank in direct sunlight. Lighter-colored tanks tend to withstand UV rays better and have a longer lifespan.

1) Consider the price range of 1000-liter water tanks from different brands.

2) Choose lighter-colored tanks like beige or light green for better durability under direct sunlight.

3) Compare prices and features before finalizing your purchase decision.

Remember that having a reliable and sturdy water tank is crucial for ensuring an adequate supply of clean drinking water at all times.

How much does a 2000 liter Sintex tank cost?

The Sintex Black Water Tank is a high-quality plastic tank with a capacity of 2000 liters. It is available at an affordable price of Rs 15000 per piece in Thane. This water tank is designed to store and supply clean water for various purposes, making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Made from durable and food-grade plastic material, the Sintex Black Water Tank ensures the safety and purity of stored water. Its black color helps prevent the growth of algae or any other contaminants that may affect the quality of water. The tank also comes with a lid to keep out dust, insects, and other impurities.

How much does a 700 Litre water tank cost?

Purchase the Sintex 700L 1083mm Two Layer White Water Tank, CCWS-0070-01-DW-WHITE online at a price of ₹7695. This water tank is an excellent choice for storing and preserving water in your home or office. With its two-layer construction, it ensures durability and longevity. The white color adds a clean and aesthetic look to your surroundings.

The Sintex 700L water tank has a capacity of 700 liters, making it suitable for medium-sized households or small commercial spaces. It is made from high-quality plastic material that is resistant to corrosion and UV rays, ensuring that the stored water remains safe and free from contamination.

This water tank features a compact design with dimensions of 1083mm in height, allowing you to easily install it in tight spaces without any hassle. Its sturdy build can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Additionally, the Sintex 700L water tank comes with a lid that securely seals the tank to prevent any dust or debris from entering. It also has an outlet valve for convenient access to the stored water whenever needed.

Investing in this reliable Sintex water tank will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have a durable storage solution for your daily needs. So go ahead and make your purchase today at an affordable price of ₹7695!

Are plastic water tanks secure?

Firstly, it is important to prioritize quality and durability when selecting a water tank. Look for tanks made from high-quality materials such as food-grade plastic or stainless steel that are resistant to corrosion and UV rays. These features help maintain the integrity of the stored water and prolong the lifespan of the tank itself.

Additionally, consider whether you need an overhead or underground installation based on your available space and preferences. Overhead tanks are commonly used in residential buildings where there is sufficient height for gravity-fed distribution systems. On the other hand, underground tanks are suitable if you want to save space or prefer a more discreet setup.

P.S: Remember that regular maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring safe drinking water from any type of storage system. Clean your tank periodically and check its fittings regularly to prevent any contamination risks.